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” Andreasson tackled the furiously virtuosic solo part with sparkling abandon, from the flowing strings of sixths in the admittedly beautiful opening theme to the frantic broken chords of the first-movement cadenza. She proved herself adept in the highest reaches of the instrument in the schmaltzy Adagio, while in the tripping enthusiasm of the third movement-undoubtedly the most successful for its sense of momentum-her command of the quadruple-stops and lightning passage-work was spellbinding ” .

The Strad, London, Dec 1997


” … all at the same time safe as passionate leadership of Katarina Andreasson, conductor and solo violinist ” .

Smålandsposten, Musica Vitae, Jan 2017

“Katarina Andreasson’s rare musical talent allows her to perform and conduct successfully as a brilliant violinist , violist and conductor. Profoundness and expressiveness characterize the play of Katarina Andreasson in the chamber music ensemble. For me, our performances as a string trio are always particularly valuable, with us, together with Olga Lubotsky, working on the interpretations of masterpieces by Mozart, Boccherini, Beethoven and Schnittke.”

Mark Lubotsky 2018


Nov 17th 2016, Stockholm, Brahms Violin Concerto, performed with Victoria Stjerna as soloist with KMH Symphony Orchestra and with Katarina Andréasson as Conductor. (41 min)

Excerpt from Brahms Violin Concerto 1 movement, performed by Victoria Stjerna as soloist with The Royal College of Music Symphony Orchestra in Stockholm, Sweden. Conducted by Katarina Andréasson. (5 min)

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